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The Color of life in the house of mei

It is a collection of poetry. The poetry covers many colors of emotion that comes from the experience of life. The House of Mei represents inner thoughts of ME and I. What better way to express oneself than to be set aside alone with inner deep thoughts through words with yourself? My prayer is that these words helps someone to relate to whatever their reality is. I hope that it inspires you to be a better Mei.

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love still smiles on dark days

A collection of poetry that covers the depths and different relationships of love I believe that is the real beauty of love. The collection of poetry took me many years to write. I definitely experienced so many different aspects of love. The love of God, the love of a mother. The love of friends. The love of family. The love of oneself. I believe it does not matter the circumstances love still smiles, literally.

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Married, It’s Complicated

Paul and Katharine Green are married with twins. They are an attractive couple with the house and cars to match. From the outside looking in, they are the perfect couple. However once you enter their lives you begin to see the brokenness. It is a marriage built on secrets, lies and hurts. This inside look into their deepest thoughts uncover past and present decisions they make.